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In a world of high-tech communication there is still nothing more compelling than a confident human voice.

Randle Mell

I provide personalized, professional training in the art of public speaking. My aim is simply to make you a better communicator — clear, concise, confident.

"Public speaking is one of the best things I hate."

-Yogi Berra



"My partner and I worked with Randy to help us freshen and sharpen the messaging in our client materials.  Randy is a pure joy to work with and he has razor-sharp instincts about what is most effective and how best to present it.  We are so grateful for our time with Randy as every moment is precious and packed with insights."

Linda M Sherman, Co-Founder

Financially Empowered

"I always say I live by the A, B, Cs…Always Be Coachable!  Why? Because when a gem like Randy comes along and gives me a new awareness of speaking techniques after presenting for 40 years, all I can say is “WOW”! He's helped me build more confidence with his insightful exercises and tips. I believe he's helped us become our best version… One that I believe will lead to success!"

Joy Prefer Cohen, Co-Founder

Financially Empowered

"It usually takes me more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech."

-Mark Twain



"A speaker who does not strike oil in ten minutes should stop boring."

-Louis Nizer


Randle Mell

Randle Mell trained at The Juilliard School in New York City and served for 11 years on the faculty at the University of Southern California.


For over 40 years he has worked as a professional actor, teacher and speech consultant and has performed leading roles on Broadway, off-Broadway and in major theatres throughout the United States, Europe, and Australia. He has appeared in feature films, movies and series for television, and has been a visiting artist at Vassar College, Virginia Commonwealth University, Northwestern University and The University of Texas.


Since 1997 he has coached a wide variety of professionals at such notable firms as NASA/JPL, Bear Stearns, Thomson, Disney, Northrop Grumman, UCLA Medical Center, Hilton, and many others. Mr. Mell lives in Los Angeles, California.


"A good speech should be like a woman's skirt; long enough to cover the subject and short enough to create interest.”

-Winston Churchill

“Having been both an investigative television journalist and the head of corporate communications for global businesses, I’ve seen the need for effective presentation training from both sides. Randle Mell is the best I’ve ever seen at helping leaders project their authentic selves in a forceful, positive way. His approach, and his results, are a world away from the formulaic packaging I’ve seen from so many others. He’s the real deal.”


Rick Laubscher, CEO

Messagesmith StrategicCommunications Consulting

“I needed someone who could prepare one of my executives for a high-profile international speaking engagement. Randle was referred to me, and he was able to work quickly, efficiently, and effectively with an executive who was initially very mistrustful of the process, but who grew to rely on Randle beyond the parameters of the original engagement. I would not hesitate to recommend him enthusiastically.”


Nicholas de Wolff, Chief Marketing Director


“Randle Mell provides solutions in a way that is both effective and enjoyable. He is a keen observer. In issues of personal style and approach – which are potentially volatile or difficult hear – he forms a response that is analytical yet extremely supportive. He guides the process like the consummate professional that he is.”


 Howard Woffinden, Producer 

“As a radio producer I am very tuned-in to people’s voices… do I believe they are who they say they are… do I trust what they are telling me? Randle teaches that you don’t have to be a great actor to have this power of persuasion. It can be taught. It’s a learnable skill. There is nothing magical about it. The key factor is you.”


Dan Formento, President

Radio Today Entertainment

“As a trial lawyer and law professor I not only have to convey information, I have to engage, educate and convince my audience. In a short time, Randle can help you find ways to make your message — not just a passing thought — but a driving force.”


 Robert Jay Ross, Attorney at Law

“The work I did with Randy changed something very profoundly in how I talk to groups. I used to be nervous the whole time and fumble through. Now I thoroughly relax and enjoy it. It changed the whole experience for me."


Dan McCleary, Founder

Art Division

“Randy has such a gift for bringing out one’s natural abilities and instilling the confidence that is needed in order to be an effective communicator. He is a fantastic listener and has a keen sense of how to solve problems quickly and effectively. It is truly amazing what he can do in as little as an hour.”


Robin Dodson, Director Cushman & Wakefield 

"Randle Mell brings a whole new dimension to the art of communication and public speaking. It is very different from other courses which focus on techniques, rules, do’s and don’ts. Randle’s approach centers on what is unique in each of us and how we communicate this to others. It is not only interesting and enjoyable… it is effective in bringing out the true nature in all of us."


 Dr. Steven Bickell, CEO

The Deepak Chopra Center For Well-Being

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